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The Values
We Stand For

Sharing Resources
Sharin is our “Connector.” Sharin’s superpower is Sharing Resources. She teaches empathy, shares support, unites people, always volunteers to help, and wants you to succeed. Sharin is your “ride or die” chick. Her tag line is “I refuse to let you fail.”
Mutual Support for Growing our Businesses
Synergy is our “Champion.” Synergy’s superpower is support. She teaches us how to be all-inclusive and how to collaborate over compete. She reminds us that there “ain’t no mountain high enough,” that together we can move mountains! She is your shoulder to lean on and helps you get rid of the imposter in your mind. Synergy stands for our way (not just yours or mine.) Her tag line is “Together We Are Success.”
Authentic Relationships
Authentica is our “Truth Seeker.” Authentica’s superpower is authentic relationships. She wants to know the WHY behind the woman. She helps women find their authentic selves. Her tag line is “Let’s Be Real.”

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Sister Spotlight

Congratulations to this month’s Spotlight Sister!
Our Spotlight Sister exemplifies the WESOS intention and supports her WESOS sisters.

Elle Forte is a member of WESOS Women's Networking Group.
Lifetime Member

Elle Forte

Elle Forte Photography

“Elle Forte has shown up for WESOS again and again and in a variety of ways. She attends meetings in a variety of chapters, not just her home chapter, and she always brings a positive attitude. Whether in person or virtual, Elle Forte is a ray of sunshine that makes you that much happier to be in a WESOS meeting and she brings that same energy to one-on-ones and collaborating with WESOS sisters when she’s not attending meetings. She has proven time and again that she is one of those women who refuses to let you fail.”

Alison VerHalen, WESOS Oak Park

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