How would your life change if you surrounded yourself with women who refuse to let you fail?

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The Values
We Stand For

Sharing Resources
Sharin is our “Connector.” Sharin’s superpower is Sharing Resources. She teaches empathy, shares support, unites people, always volunteers to help, and wants you to succeed. Sharin is your “ride or die” chick. Her tag line is “I refuse to let you fail.”
Mutual Support for Growing our Businesses
Synergy is our “Champion.” Synergy’s superpower is support. She teaches us how to be all-inclusive and how to collaborate over compete. She reminds us that there “ain’t no mountain high enough,” that together we can move mountains! She is your shoulder to lean on and helps you get rid of the imposter in your mind. Synergy stands for our way (not just yours or mine.) Her tag line is “Together We Are Success.”
Authentic Relationships
Authentica is our “Truth Seeker.” Authentica’s superpower is authentic relationships. She wants to know the WHY behind the woman. She helps women find their authentic selves. Her tag line is “Let’s Be Real.”

WESOS + Spots On The FOX

Be Part of Something Great!

WESOS has partnered with Spots On The FOX to support local entrepreneurs, and especially our WESOS Sister entrepreneurs and business owners who may benefit from an online marketplace for their goods and services. 

Through WESOS’s partnership with Spots On The FOX, we are thrilled to offer you a 40% discount on your monthly membership fee for your first 12 months.

WESOS and Spots on the Fox Strategic Partnership
WESOS and Spots on the Fox Strategic Partnership

Sister Spotlight

Congratulations to this month’s Spotlight Sister!
Our Spotlight Sister exemplifies the WESOS intention and supports her WESOS sisters.

Meredith Deleo
Lifetime Member

Meredith DeLeo

The DeLeo Group – Keller Williams Infinity

“Meredith DeLeo brightens each WESOS meeting she attends with her huge smile and infectious laugh. She exemplifies what it is to be a leader and true Sister to everyone she meets. Meredith has consistently been scheduling 1:1 meetings with many members, as she enjoys meeting and learning about others.  She and her husband Joe run The Deleo Group Real Estate Company. Care and integrity are always the way she conducts business and within her community.  Her business tagline is “Fiercely Different” and Meredith is fierce in her loyalty to WESOS and everyone she meets.  Her self-title “Lion Queen” is appropriate as she is a Queen at successfully juggling her family life, friends and business.”

-Christina Cash, WESOS South Aurora

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