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WESOS has partnered with Spots On The FOX to support local entrepreneurs, and especially our WESOS Sister entrepreneurs and business owners who may benefit from an online marketplace for their goods and services. 

Through WESOS’s partnership with Spots On The FOX, we are thrilled to offer you a 40% discount on your monthly membership fee for your first 12 months.

WESOS and Spots on the Fox Strategic Partnership
WESOS and Spots on the Fox Strategic Partnership

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Some of our Chapter meetings are now in-person!

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Danielle Johnson

Healing Sea Moss

“Danielle Johnson jumped into WESOS with both feet! She has showed a love for building authentic relationships by consistently holding 1:1s and attending as many chapter meetings as she can fit into her schedule, always learning. Danielle supports others by sharing her knowledge of healthy living, social media insight, among many other things. She’s even stepped out of her comfort zone and started speaking at chapter meetings. Danielle is a model WESOS sister living the WESOS intention. Be sure to reach out and get to know her and all about her Sea Moss business!”

~ Nicole Domico, WESOS Park Ridge

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