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WESOS + Spots On The FOX

Be a part of something great!

WESOS has partnered with Spots On The FOX to support local entrepreneurs, and especially our WESOS Sister entrepreneurs and business owners who may benefit from an online marketplace for their goods and services. 

Through WESOS’s partnership with Spots On The FOX, we are thrilled to offer you a 40% discount on your monthly membership fee for your first 12 months. 

Your 40% Discount Coupon Code is WESOS 

(Coupon Expires December 31st @ 11:59PM CST)

Vendors get their own storefront inside the marketplace. They can add their logo and business information along with an unlimited number of products—all for just one low monthly membership fee. Spots On The FOX has cut out the middleman, so 100% of the sale goes directly to the vendor, minus a minimal processing fee paid to Stripe. 

If this program is not the right fit for your business at this time, we hope that you will buy local and support your WESOS sisters who have a storefront on the Spots On The FOX marketplace.   

Kiel & Ana on how Spots On The FOX can help your business

Spots on the Fox logo

Spots On The FOX is a local-only online marketplace, powered by surrounding communities along the Fox River in Illinois. Created as an effort to help support local businesses during these crazy times. We help businesses find new customers, drive more sales, continue to thrive & be a part of something great. 

Owners, Kiel & Ana with son Owen & Milo, the pup.