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Wanda Schlafly

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Isn't it great to be alive!?

I believe that every moment of every day now but I was not feeling that way in 2012 so I decided it was time to leave my high paying but burnout job as a Supply Chain Manager in a Nestle factory.  I took an early retirement with a very small pension and knew I wanted to have my own business. 

I started out with the idea of teaching people in senior residences to use iPads.  (Some of my best friends are over 90 years old.)  Having come from an Operations background, I had no appreciation for Marketing and Sales and assumed that if I had a website, walked into 2 or 3 places and made 4 or 5 phone calls, I would have a very reasonable and sustainable part time business.  Guess what that got me?  I had been living for years in an environment powered by Type-A men with very few women even in the room, let alone at the table.  My collaborative nature, creativity and emotions were considered a detriment to anyone in my position and was consistently coached to suppress them.  Imagine my surprise, (initial terror) and eventual overwhelming gratitude when Meetup helped me to find WESOS. 

I have learned so much since then and have pivoted my business to a one that I feel passionate about and connected with.  I am helping families and business owners to tell their stories through the use of video.  I have learned to express myself in public despite my introverted tendencies, learned all the necessary technical aspects of filming and editing.  I still need help in Sales and Marketing.  I love the support of my WESOS sisters and appreciate those who have been clients.  I so look forward to joining in this next exciting chapter of WESOS.

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