Stefanie Synal

Stefanie Synal

Level Founding Sister - Lifetime Member - Success Strategist

Email Address [email protected]

Phone 773-919-0480

Business Location 1945 S. Halsted, Suite 200, Chicago, IL 60608

Chapter Oak Park IL

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Stefanie is a member of the Success Strategists Team

Stefanie Synal
Financial Literacy Coach

Stefanie Synal runs a successful financial brokerage. She maintains a client base and has trained and developed a team of other advisors. Stefanie grew up as the youngest of 5 on the southwest side of Chicago. She has strong community roots, living less than 8 miles from where she grew up and her immediate family is within a 20-minute drive. She believes that family is one of the greatest gifts in life and taking care of your family is paramount.

Like other young adults seeking their way in the world, she paid attention to examples within her own immediate and extended family, she has a unique perspective as to what drives and motivates people in life. She came to the conclusion that she wanted her choices in life not to be based on money, but to be following her values, goals and mission. She teaches that if you can get your money working for you, then you can focus on building a life. She is the ultimate observer and listener. Family relationships and dynamics allowed her to develop coaching skill sets at a young age. Her insight and perspective allow her to help clients through financial challenges.

Stefanie graduated from DePaul University, has a passion for research and has been growing her business for over 20 years. Her father is a retired Chicago Fire Chief and her mom worked part time while running the household. She learned her leadership and commitment from her parents. Her father worked 24 hours on and 48 hours off and had several different side jobs. Being in an environment where both parents were often home and not having the 9-5 lifestyle really set her up on the path to business ownership. She often says work hard, play hard.

Coaching Style
I often ask people what they want and they answer by telling me all of the things they don’t want. Let me help you figure out what it is that you want. It’s through awareness and focus that we can really get on the right financial track. Being an entrepreneur myself has allowed me to have a first-hand look at ways to attract, manage and grow income. . I work with you to shine light on what is working in your finances and what we can make possible.

Who might consider meeting with me? The entrepreneur who…
• Wants a plan for what to do with their profits & growing income.
• Wants to get their ducks in a row before hatching or even if they are already running wild.
• Wants to work on improving their relationship with money
• Thinks they’re not ready for an advisor
• Thinks financial concepts are complex and mysterious

I cover the areas of budgeting, managing & eliminating debt, life insurance and investing. My approach is education first. People achieve amazing feats through working with a coach and having a game plan. If you are ready to feel empowered in your finances, reach out. Let’s have a conversation to see if I am a good fit for your strategy session.

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