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Kira Swanson

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Mindset Coach, Writer, and Firestarter

Coaching Philosophy

I believe that:

None of us are flawed.
The mind is our greatest asset.
Our thoughts create our reality.
Action is a critical, yet often overlooked, part of the manifestation equation.
We are inherently complete.
Each of us is a deep storehouse of wisdom.

I help my clients access their internal wisdom by dissolving the limiting beliefs that block them from their inner knowing. 

The mind (consciousness) is our greatest asset. I help my clients overcome the external and internal programming that holds them back from realizing their full potential. This allows them to become masterful creators of their own lives.

Our thoughts create our reality. 

This is both good and bad news. It’s a positive to know that we ultimately have control over what we manifest. The downside is that without conscious attention, we often default to fear-based thinking which springs from our subconscious. To challenge our unconscious thoughts and beliefs, power tools are needed. I’ve got some game changers at my disposal and I’m on a constant quest to discover and develop more.

Action is critical.

Once our thoughts and feelings are aligned with our intentions, the next critical step is to take inspired action to make those intentions manifest.

I treat my clients like they are divine greatness whichhelps them discover that quality in themselves. My approach dissipates the adopted beliefs (both cultural and personal) that hide my clients’ full divinity and power. Creating from this space helps my clients to become congruent with their intentions, aligning thought feeling, and action.

Who I Help

I work with entrepreneurs and creatives who embrace the idea that our thoughts create our reality, who believe in an abundant universe, yet they can’t quite get these ideas to work for them in their lives and work.

This may be you if…

You feel like you have two minds: one is expansive and creative, envisioning big things and embracing a certainty you will achieve them. The other mind is plagued with self-doubt and fear and it sabotages your efforts.You devour self-development books and podcasts, you suspect you can use this information to generate profound change in your life, however something gets lost in the translation.You’re working really hard in pursuit of some goal, yet the harder you work, the more it becomes clear that hard work isn’t the key to attaining this elusive goal. It doesn’t have to be like that.

How I Help

Creating transformation has three deceptively simple steps:

Knowing what you want
Getting completely aligned with your desires
Taking inspired action to get there
At the core of each of these steps is your mind.
How you use it determines everything.

It determines:

Whether you’ve got your ladder up against the right wall
If your thoughts and beliefs match and allow for your desired outcome
The quality of energy and creativity that you bring

When we are not aware of and not congruent with our underlying beliefs, we end up fighting against ourselves, and that gets exhausting. It shows up as procrastinating, being distracted, feeling overwhelmed and worn out. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can rewire your thinking. Your mind is your greatest asset. You can use it to your advantage. I’ll show you how to use your mind to rock it in all three areas of transformation.

What if you could finally…

Be the master of your mind so that your thoughts and beliefs worked for you and not against you
Get clarity on what you most want to achieve so that your efforts were laser-focused
Know the high priority actions you need to take so that you could stop spinning your wheels with unproductive work
Wake up feeling energized for the day ahead, confident that your plans were aligned with your higher purpose
Have a contagiously positive energy
Get into the flow while working your plan What if people were noticing how much you’ve transformed and your answer was simply: “I changed the way I thought and my whole life changed.”

As your coach, I will hold you in your power, which means I will see things in you that you might not have yet embraced about yourself. My expectations of you will be rooted in this recognition of your higher potential. When you step onto that playing field, big things can happen.

I’ve coached clients on topics like:

Leaving their job to become an entrepreneur
Navigating through the early stages of entreprenurialism
Developing the courage and confidence to show up more fully in their business
Identifying how self-sabotage is impeding business growth
Collaborating with consultants and freelancers
Creating and marketing workshops
Identifying passion and purpose and expressing it in business
Writing non-fiction and fiction
Discovering how the archetypes influence life and work
Balancing work responsibilities and family commitments
Overcoming limiting beliefs around money and success

Kira’s Biography

I’m Kira, a compassionate knowledge maven who applies a unique blend of metaphysics and cold hard reality to help clients consciously create the reality they want in their life and work. I’m all about consciousness—how we can evolve it and how we can leverage it to bring about the results we seek.

My superpower is listening and responding with insight and creativity. I provide clients a customized blend of structure and spontaneity in a safe environment to support them through change.

When it comes to left brain/right brain balance, I’m right down the middle with a healthy dose of both.

I cultivated my left-brain through fifteen years in corporate leadership where I led departments in areas like project management, reengineering and cost reduction, professional development, and customer experience.

I can roll around in hard facts, analysis, and concrete action taking with the best of them. I have a BA in Psychology (Cognitive Psychology and Behaviorism) from Carleton College and an MBA from Duke University.

As a coach, I use my left-brain orientation to seek clarity on clients’ intentions, identify specific action steps, hold clients accountable, and create structure and order throughout the coaching process.

I’ve nurtured my right-brain through more esoteric pursuits, studying consciousness and meaning making in my PhD program and being deeply steeped in the archetypes and Jungian psychology (I’m a certified Archetypal Pattern analyst and soon to complete Caroline Myss’ Sacred Contracts certificate). I’ve explored non-dualism with teachers like Byron Katie (including Katie’s Nine-day School for the Work) and Abraham.

Other teachers who have inspired my coaching approach include Don Miguel Ruiz, Robert Kegan, Joe Dispenza, and Deepak Chopra. I focus on translating these teachings into concrete actions that my clients can directly apply in their lives. Drawing from several modalities, I craft a customized approach for supporting each client on their unique journey.

I love to bring my left brain/right brain orientation to bear on topics like belief, understanding the hard science behind how our brains work to translate thoughts into reality.

I love to bring my left brain/right brain orientation to bear on topics like belief, understanding the hard science behind how our brains work to translate thoughts into reality.

I’m passionate about this stuff because I’ve seen the way it works in my life. I’ve experienced the disappointing results that come when disempowering beliefs and cultural programming are in control. For years, I fell into an unconscious workaholism, shutting down my feelings and living a dangerously unbalanced life. 

I’ve experienced the mind-blowing results and feeling of liberation that comes from consciously shaping my beliefs and thoughts. This has enabled a number of accomplishments, including: stepping away from a six-figure salary to pursue opportunities that were more congruent with my soul; moving cross-country; and landing amazing jobs and homes. This is a journey where the destinations keep getting more exciting, the understanding of self keeps deepening and the expression of self keeps getting more authentic and soulful.

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