Kathy Kessenich

Kathy Kessenich

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Hi, my name is Kathy Kessenich and I am a licensed massage therapist. I completed over 700 hours of coursework in massage therapy techniques, anatomy, physiology and kinesiology and have hundreds of hours of hands on practice.  Based in Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage, I also utilize techniques from a variety of other modalities including cranial sacral, reflexology and positional release.  I am trained in Oncology Massage to make the necessary adaptations to support clients who are undergoing active cancer treatment or are in recovery.

I approach massage therapy as a health facilitator working in partnership with the people who seek my services.   I believe that massage therapy is a tool through which people can access an awareness and greater connection with their own bodies to help them live more comfortably and happily.  My hope is that this awareness can gradually move people toward a better understanding of the body’s ability to heal itself and put them in a frame of mind to actively affect their own health.

Complementing my physical wellness practice through massage, I also teach a class designed to help people become more conscious of the mental, emotional and spiritual drivers that are impacting their wellness. Know Your True Self is an inner journey of transformation. It is an experience for people who want more out of life. Who want to live with greater clarity, purpose, joy and fulfillment. Who are willing to look at themselves honestly and do the work to shift into the person they truly want to be.

FinalIy, I am privileged to co-lead the WESOS Evanston Chapter with Judy Sachs.  We are excited about the growing group of women entrepreneurs who have joined us.

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