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Geriann Wiesbrook

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I was born in New York, which, if you know me, explains a few things!  Grew up moving every year or so, as the demand for federal prisons grew nationwide.  For some unfathomable reason, my parents landed in IL for a second time and stayed.  I didn't talk to them for 6 months but since I met my husband here I guess it's worked out in the long run! LOL

Worked part time and went to school part time for 10 years to earn an Accounting degree, and then promptly resigned my job to stay home for the next 13 years or so.  I really had never considered going back to work until my former boss (who at the time was my future boss...) called and asked if I could volunteer a couple hours a week.  After a year long test drive, I was hired part time.  A year after that I was full time.  A year after that, I was the office administrator and gatekeeper for some of my favorite people on earth.

And then I turned 50...enter Military Mama Network.  I wanted to thank the women (and a few good men) who impacted my life up to that point.  So I threw a party and invited them over; of course they wanted to bring gifts so I said bring some supplies for a solder I had adopted.

From that humble beginning, we grew and grew and grew.  From five to 17,000... and growing.  We operate mainly through Facebook and local chapters; recently I was invited to participate in Facebook's inaugural Community Summit. I was one of 100 groups invited from the over 600 million group leaders on Facebook.  It was a wonderful event! Because of that experience and some significant Facebook expertise , I've been asked by so many businesses to help with their Facebook journey that I've started a consulting company called Hey, G Consulting. You can check into the services offered by emailing me at [email protected]

I believe that the more you give, the more full your heart is.  The healthier you become, the healthier those around you can be.  That by telling my story, I empower other women to tell theirs.  But I'd rather listen to others' stories all day long; I am the biggest introvert faking my way to extrovert behavior; I'd rather have a 1:1 and really discuss life and laugh together.

I love my life.  Love MMN.  Love my family and the friends I share this path with.  More than anything, I love closing my computer at the end of every day knowing that our little network of mamas and men has impacted someone's world with grace and kindness.  And then I get to text my kiddos goodnight, hug the man I love and kiss the squishy cheeks of my grandsons and go to bed.  Doesn't get much better than this...

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