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Evie Burke

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Evie Burke is the founder and productivity strategist at One Insight Closer and helps women business owners who work for themselves and by themselves take their productivity to a new level so that they can have profitable and sustainable businesses.

Evie is known for her analytical mind and calm presence.
Before she left corporate, she worked as an Implementation Specialist. She worked directly with 100+ million dollar companies as their direct line of support. Her responsibilities included troubleshooting problems, debugging code, finding/creating solutions, and creating clear timelines.
Combine all of this with Evie's coach training and 10-year experience as an entrepreneur, and you have someone uniquely qualified to help you create a clear vision, stay focused and on track, and have less stress in the process.

You can find her online at: OneInsightCloser.com


“As a psychic intuitive I get a lot of gut feelings around what I need to do for my business, BUT as a human being who is working through insecurities (do I know enough yet??), fears and concerns I can sometimes doubt my gut, especially when the word business gets attached to the info I receive.  
It was so easy and refreshing to talk to Evie.  She has a way of asking you questions that gets you to open up and sort of lay all the mental clutter on the table.  
In just one session with her I felt like we did a mental housecleaning.  With her help, I was able to sort through the actionable steps that were sitting in my psyche but were covered by the mental clutter.  She also helped to clarify and connect the dots for me a bit more, creating a plan that is all about working smarter, not harder (my kind of plan!).  In the end, I received a tangible checklist that I felt confident in taking action on immediately. If you need someone to help get you mentally organized and moving forward with action, you need to book with Evie now!”

– Therese Tucker, Psychic Channel & Intuitive Artist www.BlytheStarlight.com

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