Ellen Cleary

Ellen Cleary

Level Chapter Leader - Founding Sister - Lifetime Member

Email Address [email protected]

Phone (708) 336-1032

Business Location Bolingbrook, IL

Chapter Naperville IL

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VP, Marketing Strategy and Analytics, Advancing Global EDU
Independent Beauty Guide, LimeLime By Alcone
Affiliate with BOXT (http://www.drinkboxt.com?afmc=ELLEN20)

Hello! I am Ellen Cleary and I’m a principal advisor with Advancing Global EDU, a firm that specializes in helping businesses move along the strategic marketing continuum from idea conception to feet-on-the-street sales. We focus on the education vertical (preK-graduate school) and our clients go from mom-and-pop shops to global corporations. And in case you’re wondering, our hottest talk tracks these days are: e-learning, equity, STE(AM), AR/VR, professional development, and social-emotional issues facing today’s students. I’m on board with all these things. It’s a crazy time of change in education, and of course instability means work for consultants.

I’m a big believer in keeping the messaging and the tools simple, direct, and consistent. I work almost exclusively from a single laminated sheet of paper when I talk to prospective clients. I’ve mentored women in particular my entire career, including starting the Chicago chapter of McGraw-Hill’s Women’s Networking organization (WINS). I’ve always taken a long view on networking and investing in others, and it has paid me dividends beyond my wildest dreams.

I spent over 25 years in BigCo doing BigCo things – product development, marketing management, sales, leadership – but now I choose to work for myself, from my home. I have blazed my own crooked path to my career and to my life. It works for me. Today I want the freedom to pursue my passions, so that I can raise my two amazing and exhausting kiddos to be respectful and respected members of society, and friends and loved ones to share the journey with.

In late 2019, I started a side business as a Beauty Guide with LimeLife by Alcone, a professional makeup and botanical skin care company. This venture has quickly become my passion and the source of much joy. I believe that good skin is foundational and that quality products should enhance (rather than cover) your true beauty. I believe in empowering women in particular and love that about this company culture. I believe in the power of eye liner, lip gloss, mascara, and bronzer to change my outlook on any given day. I believe in I've been a LimeLife fan for years, but this is my first foray into any kind of network marketing and I’m very much interested in learning how others have been successful.

And recently I began as an affiliate with BOXT, which combines my love of wine and entrepreneurship! Woop woop!

Give me a call if you want a 1:1, virtual or in-person, if I can help you think through any marketing challenge in your business, or if you'd like to talk about building a network marketing business. Another topic I'm passionate about: Adoption. I built my family through adoption so if you've got questions about that, I'm happy to talk about my experience there if it can guide your family-building efforts.

I genuinely look forward to getting to know you. My best number is 708-336-1032.


Company LimeLife by Alcone


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ellencruane

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/YESIMLNLimeLifeLoca/