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Danielle Johnson

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Hi, my name is Danielle Johnson. I own Healing Sea Moss, where we focus on nutritional seaweed products from the islands. We have a plethora of Sea Moss Gel and Sea Moss Smoothies that contain 92 of the 102 nutrients and minerals that our bodies need to thrive!

I began taking Sea Moss a few years ago after suffering with anemia and high blood pressure. I was so excited that within only 2 months, my health had improved tremendously! After testing it out on numerous friends and family members, they were able to lower cholesterol, glucose, and weight! They started sending friends, family and colleagues to order it from me and voila, a business was born! We bring lovely, amazing, healthy products from Jamaica & St. Lucia to you! It’s an honor and a pleasure to witness and help individuals to heal!

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