Amy Dunn

Amy Dunn

Level Chapter Leader - Founding Sister - Lifetime Member

Email Address [email protected]

Phone 630-696-2318

Business Location Bolingbrook, IL

Chapter Woodridge IL

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I have been in the network marketing industry since 2012 because I love being able to find/share/promote products that are high quality from companies who allow people to build a financially rewarding income within the time constraints of their lives. As a result of a terrible medial scare in our family in 2019, I became passionate about taking our health into our own hands, and out of the hands of big Pharma. Through many many hours of soul searching, trial and error, and failed attempts, I found my company, Tranont. We are about changing lives, one life, one day, and one bite at a time. Our whole food, plant based supplements, are perfectly formulated to work synergistically to help our own bodies achieve balance and wellness on their own, as nature intended.

Our whole flower CBD fluid, is 100% whole flower with 0% additives and so concentrated that only 2 small drops will give most people relief from pain, anxiety, stiffness, insomnia...naturally and within minutes.

Our Mojo coffee and chocolate drink will give you the energy, appetite suppression and fat burning without any of the jitters or added sugars that you get with your favorite coffee drinks.

When I'm not busy with my husband, four daughters and our dog, I love to kayak and hike and basically be outdoors. Traveling is a love of mine. I love experiencing different cultures, cuisines, art/ architectures and gardens. My family has taken our health into our own hands and experienced so many benefits from these products, that I am thrilled to be able to share them with the world.

Come see me at the Woodridge WESOS meeting, where I am proud to be the leader, and let's set up a 1:1 to get to know each other.

Company Tranont