If WESOS hasn’t come to your area yet, or there is an opening for a Leader in your area, why not consider applying to become a Chapter Leader? We are always looking for motivated, collaborative leaders to become a part of our team of Women Supporting Women.

WESOS Chapter Leaders are the foundation of the authentic relationships and knowledge exchange that WESOS Sisters have come to know and love.

Benefits of WESOS Chapter Leadership

  • Recognition as a leader in your community
  • Dedicated chapter page on www.WESOSnetwork.com website for you and your members
  • MeetUp Pro site dedicated to you and your  Chapter,
  • Marketing through MeetUp 24/7 to make your chapter
  • WESOS marketing materials for your Chapter with personalized business cards, personalized clip board and personalized WESOS name tag
  • Ongoing Leadership Training and WESOS Leadership Team involvement to support you as you grow your membership
  • First notice for discounted access to WESOS National events
  • Commissions on any Success Strategist or WESOS, Inc. sponsor you acquire for WESOS, Inc.
  • Autonomy to run your Chapter as you choose (once approved by WESOS)
  • The use of WESOS branding materials
  • Be a part of the “Leadership Forum” where we share ideas for the future or the overall WESOS community.

Requirements of WESOS Leaders

  • Attend WESOS Leadership Trainings to grow your community (most online)
  • Create authentic relationships with your fellow WESOS Leaders
  • Plan and attend your WESOS Chapter Meetings and Events.
  • Planning/managing your Chapter meetings
  • Securing Chapter Speakers/ Workshop Facilitators to add value to your community
  • Secure sponsors for your individual Chapter (Sponsorship dollars go to WESOS Leader)
  • Inviting women and encouraging their participation in your community
  • Inviting and encouraging your members to WESOS, Inc events
  • Maintaining your Meetup site
  • Adding members’ events to your www.wesosnetwork.com chapter calendars communication. Encourage and participate in WESOS 1:1 meeting.
  • Secure your location, date/time for meetings

Apply To Become A WESOS Leader

The city or geographical area you would like to open a Chapter. If you're interested in becoming a leader of an established Chapter, please enter the Chapter name here.
What quality do you believe is most important to be a successful Chapter Leader? Please feel free to explain in detail.