Aurora Chapter Co-Leaders

Oki Villarreal Borowski

Dr. Oki Villarreal Borowski

[email protected]

I am delighted to co-lead the Aurora chapter.  I attended my first Aurora meeting in June of 2018, after meeting Missy Barnett.  I was part of a smaller networking group but never felt fulfilled when attending the meetings.  When I finally decided to attend the WESOS Aurora chapter, I was blown away by the energy of the group.  What a difference a group makes.  The room was filled with 50 women connecting in a way my previous group never did. I didn’t miss a single meeting after that.

Then in August of 2019, I decided to become a lifetime WESOS sister.  Since then, I have made some wonderful connections.  We all know the saying “you do business with people you know, like and trust”, but this happens organically.  I also believe that a lot of it has to do with the timing of what is going on in your life and what your needs are or someone you know. I have a strong belief that “Empowered women, empower women” and so that is why I chose to become a co-leader.

You can learn more about me and my Chiropractic practice on my profile . . .

Michelle Viera

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Real Estate may have started as a hobby for Michelle Viera when she realized home ownership was possible in her early 20’s, but it has developed into her dream career. She is diligent about building the relationship to help guide clients throughout all stages of their real estate transactions. With customer service and sales experience, Michelle will work every angle to achieve the best outcome for her clients. She prides herself in not only listening to the client, but really hearing them! Michelle understands that a home is truly the heart of one’s story as it is where families are grown and memories are made. For this reason, when Michelle is not working closely with clients, you will find her entertaining in her remodeled kitchen with her husband, Mike, surrounded by family and friends and who can forget their 2 dogs Wrigley and Dozer.

When Michelle was introduced and invited to WESOS by Missy Barnett, she was newer to her business as a Realtor and to networking, so she was thrilled to find such a welcoming community of women entrepreneurs who were willing to support each other, soundboard ideas and collaborate! Michelle’s goal as co-leader is to continue to nurture and grow the camaraderie with the same passion she provides her real estate clients so everyone can thrive in their businesses and communities!

The Aurora Illinois Chapter meets:

Date: The 4th Thursday of each month
Time: Meetings begin promptly at 11:30 AM CT.
Location: Mike and Denise’s Pizzeria & Pub, 1760 North Farnsworth Ave., Aurora, IL 60505

RSVP Required: You can check the meeting schedule, RSVP and view meeting details on Meetup.

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Aurora Meetings & Member Events

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