Self-Discipline for Entrepreneurs

Key to success

Secrets of Success: Self-Discipline for Entrepreneurs

Could it be that self-discipline for entrepreneurs is foundational to all other secrets of success?

Reflecting on secrets of success

As I sit here typing, I am hitting the deadline to write my monthly WESOS blog article for the WESOS newsletter. Sigh, I have procrastinated all week, making excuses and changing priorities. But now, I have a blog article to write.

I’m not sure what to write, which stops me, so I decide to pay attention to my thoughts. And voila! It dawns on me, entrepreneurship and self-discipline, the exact thing that is plaguing me at the moment! This topic is staring me in the face! Self-discipline is a huge secret of success!

After all, WESOS is all about women entrepreneurs’ secrets of success! What would you say are the most important secrets for your success as an entrepreneur? Do you think you sometimes know what the secrets are and don’t discipline yourself enough to do those things? Could it be really true that self-discipline for entrepreneurs is foundational to all other secrets of success?

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Self-discipline for entrepreneurs is essential

Think about people that have a regular job. There is a time they had to be there, no questions asked. There is a time that they take a break for lunch, non-negotiable for the most part, and a time that they are allowed to go home. To most entrepreneurs, that sounds like a nightmare. But we need to have a structure in our lives if we’re going to be successful and productive.

Schedule Everything

For me, my calendar is like my boss. It keeps me accountable to myself, but it’s still not the same as an absolute boss. A real boss holds your feet to the fire, making sure that you make deadlines and doing the best job you can. I think I run into trouble when I don’t have the right mindset for proper self-discipline. It is so easy for us to let ourselves off the hook when things get tough or when our lives get busy. Yes, of course, there are many times when we have something that we need to do that takes top priority. But we all know there are those times where we say to ourselves, “I just want to take the day off” or “Is this meeting really that important.”

In his article, John Rampton, entrepreneur and investor shares 9 Ways Entrepreneurs Organize and Manage Their Calendars Properly. In his first tip he advises “Schedule everything. Yes — I do mean schedule out everything from tomorrow’s to-do-list, to what you have planned for next week. It sounds excessive. But, when you’re self-employed, you need to have deep-structure so that you can remain focused and productive.”

I don’t schedule to this detail, but perhaps I should give it a shot. Remaining focused and productive is definitely key to my success as an entrepreneur!

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Accountability is a word used quite a bit these days, but you can’t have accountability if you’re always giving yourself a pass or you’re always letting yourself off the hook. To me, personal responsibility and self-discipline are synonymous. We need to respect ourselves and our businesses to meet the deadlines that we say that we’re going to meet and do the things that we say we’re going to do. It’s just too easy to be a lax boss and let essential things that will grow your business fall through the cracks. Theodore Roosevelt said, “If you could kick the person in the pants responsible for most of your trouble, you wouldn’t sit for a month.” Wow! What an eye-opener for me today!

I wonder how many of my WESOS sisters struggle with this same issue? I have heard of so many that have accountability partners and wonder if you hold each other accountable in a meaningful way? I know many of our Success Strategists are excellent at keeping our BS to a minimum and ensuring our businesses are thriving. No matter how you do it, self-discipline, personal responsibility, accountability partner, or a WESOS Success Strategist, one thing is for sure, holding yourself responsible for the success of your business is an essential WESOS Secret of Success! And I promise myself that next month I will be a better self-boss and not let myself off the hook until the 11th hour. I know in the end, it will make me a happier and saner person. Not to mention, each time I follow through with a task in a timely fashion, I am strengthening my habits for success!

Jean LaVallie

Jean LaVallie, Founder of WESOS Network, Inc.