Reaching 1 Million Women?!

Do you ever wonder how a simple video, shot in someone’s living room, can suddenly be seen by millions of people a few days later?

Remember Sweet Brown and “Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That!” She became an overnight sensation, and she was just getting up in the middle of the night for a “cold pop.”

According to Duct Tape Marketing, “Viral videos are the result of a perfect storm of great timing, off-the-wall creativity, pop culture, and internet sharing habits.”

The Importance of Sharing and Culture

Because the basis of the incredible WESOS culture is the firm belief that sharing is a vital part of business success, I would like to focus on just culture and sharing.

Consider this; you want to get your message about your business’ products and services to as many people as possible. You use various types of tools to accomplish that. Tools that get your name noticed. I recently started using WESOS Branded packaging from Sticker Mule© with their custom packaging​. By doing this, the WESOS name and logo are visible to every person that sees that package. I also got the added thrill to hear that WESOS Sisters I send branded packages to get excited when they see our logo displayed prominently on the package! When sisters get excited to get a package from WESOS it demonstrates the culture of WESOS as a positive energy place that women enjoy for networking. It makes you feel good to be a part of this community! (If you haven’t tried Sticker Mule© for your business or personal needs, check them out. Get a $10 Sticker Mule credit to use on any order of $30 or more.)

Reaching Millions of Women Entrepreneurs

How does that translate to millions of women seeing or hearing about your business or the WESOS community? 

Through sharing with an emphasis on caring! 

So imagine that ten people see your logo and look into your business. Those ten like what they see, and they each tell two of their friends about your business. Now you have thirty people that see your brand and have been warmly introduced or recommended by a person they know, like, and trust. And so it continues – just like the old shampoo commercial, “And she told two friends, and she told two friends.” Pretty soon, the sharing of your good idea, product, or service becomes known by millions! The key is taking that first step and creating your brand awareness.

Sharing the WESOS Community

I am sure you have seen all the news that WESOS Network has applied for the FedEx Grant. The grant will go to important things for scaling WESOS to a worldwide network, such as a CRM(Customer Relationship Management) to keep in touch with women looking for a great networking opportunity like WESOS but need more info before attending. Everything WESOS is doing to elevate her professionalism will directly impact your business success, and that is always the goal. WESOS is here to add value to you and your business aspirations. The grant would go toward all the things and the team of people working behind the scenes to make WESOS the best place on earth for women looking to network to succeed. Women who are intentionally networking, not only for their success but also for their WESOS Network Sisters’ success!

Don’t Forget to Vote Daily.

Please remember to vote, share the link to vote, and do so daily! I have several family threads of support that I message daily with a funny “one more time” gif and the link to vote again. Busy people like you and me much appreciate the friendly reminder! So here is your friendly reminder: Please vote again today! And, thank you for all you do to support this incredible community of women supporting women! 


Jean LaVallie