New Strategic Partner – Spots On The FOX

WESOS is delighted to announce new strategic partner, Spots On The FOX

When approached with a strategic partnership proposal for WESOS, I look for a collaborative spirit and win-win-win opportunity.  I first consider carefully how the partnership will add value to the WESOS community and WESOS as a company. If it also benefits the local community and local business owners and entrepreneurs, that is the icing on the cake!

That is why when two local entrepreneurs Ana and Kiel, founders of Spots On The FOX, approached me with a proposal that benefited so many people on so many levels, I knew that it was a winning choice for the WESOS community.

Spots On The FOX is a local-only online marketplace, powered by surrounding communities along the Fox River area in Illinois created as an effort to help support local businesses during these crazy times and beyond.

Spots On The FOX makes it safe and easy to shop favorite local stores and check out with purchases from all of them with one transaction. 

Spots On The FOX has cut out the middleman, so 100% of the sale goes directly to the vendor, minus a minimal processing fee paid to Stripe. Vendors get their own storefront inside their marketplace. They can add their logo and business information along with an unlimited number of products. The vendors handle their own shipping and/or delivery, which keeps things simple and easy for everyone.

I would like for Spots On The FOX to tell their own story in their own words, so I do hope you will visit their website (and maybe stick around to do some shopping) to learn more.

Please visit our sponsor webpage to learn more about our new strategic partner, Spots On The FOX and how you would benefit by working with them. Also look on our sponsor webpage for a special 40% off discount code for your very own online storefront!

Jean LaVallie WESOS Founder and CEO
Jean LaVallie WESOS Founder and CEO

WESOS and Spots on the Fox Strategic Partnership