Do you know the core values of your business?

Secrets of Success: Do you know the core values of your business, and why is it so crucial for you to identify them and stay conscious of them at all times?

Recently WESOS’ Operations Manager and my friend, Dawn Huddleston, suggested that our management team read the book “Scaling Up, How a Few Companies Make It…and Why the Rest Don’t” by Verne Harnish.

On a good day, my concentration skills and comprehension are a challenge, but this book is the type of book you keep a pen and paper handy to take notes and reread sections that are significantly “new information.” So I struggled through the first few chapters, trying to absorb as much information as possible.

Then something incredible happened in Chapter 6, “The Core: Values, Purpose, and Competencies.” The content I was hearing (audiobook) made perfect sense to me. This information was not new or hard to understand.

The author began talking about something I’ve embraced and talked about for WESOS for ten years! The core values of WESOS are what our Intention is all about! Of course, the core values are what create the culture of the WESOS community, which is the most critical aspect of this thriving group of women entrepreneurs!

Do you know the core values of your business? Write them down and examine if they clearly represent the culture of your business. If you are unsure of your values, look at the mission and vision of your business and brainstorm what values support your mission. Once you have a list, pick your top choices and write descriptions or tell a story for each. These values become part of your company’s brand and should be considered in your strategic planning.

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So many of you have heard me talk about WESOS in this manner. WESOS is much more than a women’s networking group. Yes, when I first took the helm at WESOS, my thoughts were, “how hard can it be to get a bunch of women together for coffee once a month?” And that statement has never been more accurate!

Getting a group of women together is never a complex task! It turns out there is a magic to WESOS that none of us saw coming, but it exists. Anyone who has attended a WESOS meeting will feel the magic that is the energy of collaboration and support you will not get from most other networking groups.

The WESOS Core Values create the magic and the energy that makes WESOS such a fantastic community!

Just as it states in our beloved Intention that we share at the beginning of every WESOS Chapter meeting, our core values are building authentic relationships, sharing resources, and lending mutual support to our WESOS sisters.

These three core values are the WESOS “Secrets of Success”!

Authentic relationships are the foundation of the core values of the WESOS community. Without establishing a solid foundation, you’ll not build a powerful network for your business. Look at it this way, at WESOS, we feel it is better to get to know the woman behind the business and then the incredible products or services they provide. WESOS establishes this core value by encouraging each of the WESOS Sisters to attend 1:1s often and take the time to get curious about the woman you are meeting. What are her passions, and what is her mission? Don’t get me wrong, we want to know the “what” of her business, but at WESOS, we always start with “why.”

Mutual support seems like it could be pretty self-explanatory, but this is sometimes the most complicated core value of WESOS to convey to newer sisters for two reasons. The first challenge for many women is that we are often not as willing to receive as we are to give. Are you that woman that gives and gives and never really accepts help? Or rarely accepts help? We have all been guilty of this. We don’t realize that we are breaking the cycle of give and take, and without that balance, the wheels will eventually fall off. We get angry or resentful or just plain burned out! Open yourself to vulnerability and accept the support from your WESOS Sisters when you get it!

The second challenge with this core value is the opposite. We often have members that wonder why they are not getting the support from their WESOS sisters and ask me why? My first question to that person is always, “how have you supported the women in the community? Not by buying their products, that only takes money, how have you supported them in a personal, meaningful way?” What am I talking about then? Take the time to attend events that your sisters are either hosting or in which they’re participating. Engaging with the WESOS social media posts (not just dropping your ad on WESOS Wednesday – ladies! no one knows who you are if that is all you are doing!) Take the time to create the space for genuine mutual support within the WESOS community!

Sharing Resources is so vital to the culture of WESOS. Not only does this action show that you are generous and come from an abundance mindset, but it also elevates the professionalism of the entire WESOS community because we are all working toward one audacious goal – success for all women in the WESOS community! So when you find a better way to work your social media, track your time, or be more efficient, share that with your WESOS Sisters. You can do that through presentations and workshops at any of the WESOS Chapter meetings (as long as you have attended that chapter at least two times in the last six months)

As with so many things I’ve learned over the last decade with WESOS, I knew this stuff all along and realized it was vital to the community’s growth. I didn’t know that there’s a whole big business world out there that taught the importance of these things as we have been living them. It never ceases to amaze me how we can feel something and we “know” it is true. That is how I feel about WESOS.

Now I need to go back and learn all the technical stuff! That does not come quite so easy to me!

Jean LaVallie
Jean LaVallie, WESOS Founder