Cyber Security for Small Businesses

Hi Everybody! Welcome to another episode of “Ask Jade”.

This episode I am going to give a brief overview of some cybersecurity tips for small businesses. A fun fact that I learned with the 2018 Verizon Data breach investigations report, 58% of cyber attack victims are small businesses. That’s organizations with less than 250 employees. An example of this would be, everybody remembers the Target Store hack where they hacked in and stole credit card information from millions of people – so these hackers actually gained access to Target’s network by infiltrating a small HVAC company and stealing that company’s access credentials to Target’s network. So this is a very prominent issue for small businesses and something we should be paying attention to.

So some tips to kind of be thinking of to implement as you grow and as you grow online and you bring on employees the first thing is to train your employees in security steps such as strong passwords, update your password every 90 days do multi-factor authentication when you can – getting emails, if you ever get wire transfer emails or just using payment methods – Paypal, things like that- and things like that, have your employees and you yourself should be asking questions, making sure that these emails are legitimate making sure this payment information is legitimate. Also, stay on top of your software updates, having the latest security software and web browser operating system is really a simple way to prevent viruses malware, online threats. Also, you can usually find a free firewall security system or software on the internet – and installing one of those is usually an easy way to protect against cyber threats as well. Also, think of your mobile phone, a good idea would be to call up your providers such as Verizon, T-Mobile and adding a 4 digit code to your account so that if anybody else was ever trying to call in and make changes to your mobile phone since so many of us do business on our mobile phones, we’re all on the go these days, they would need that code to make any changes. 

it’s a simple thing to do and it just adds that layer of protection there. Always remember to back up make copies get one of those hardware back-ups outside things – sorry I am, not a techie, I’m a legal nerd, but and back up your computer and cause if something happens and you get a virus, everything is gone. so, having that backed up is a very easy thing to do. Just control physical access to your computer. Your laptops those are easy to steal even if you leave it at home most of the time you should still have a password just in case there were to be a home break-in some would ever take that laptop it could stop right there because they would not be able to gain access without a password.  So those just some tips, to keep in mind on small businesses like I said, can really be the target of cyber-attacks and something we should all be thinking about – if you need additional information or help getting your security plan in place, please contact me and I’ll see you next time.

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