How did this thriving group of thousands of women start? It was simple. We started out as the place that WE wanted to network – collaborative, authentic, supportive and fun. And we haven’t messed around with what already works!

In 2010, WESOS was a little meetup with about 40 members and was a group of women that made me feel safe, and helped build my entrepreneurial confidence. I felt supported by the other women in the group. It felt good. As many of us know, being an entrepreneur can be a very lonely place.

I really loved this little group of “Women Entrepreneurs Secrets of Success.” Unfortunately, after about three or four meetings, (2010-2012) the group was going to fold and the online platform that hosted the group sent an email asking its members if they wanted to take over as the organizer of the group.

I clicked on the link in the email to get more information about the position. The link then took me to a page that said “Congratulations! You are the new organizer for Women Entrepreneurs Secrets of Success!”

Being a gal that doesn’t really believe in coincidences, I thought “why not?”! Even though my confidence level was nowhere near up for this type of challenge, I knew I had to get out of my comfort zone. I accepted the challenge.

Having been to many networking groups in those two years, I knew what I did NOT want WESOS to be, and that was the parameters I set for the growth of WESOS.

Creating a safe space for other women, just like me, was my first priority. I wanted a networking group that “I” wanted to be a part of. A networking group that other Women would feel safe and supported at, and would help build their confidence. Through collaboration, not competition; through relationship building and not simply transactions, we could have a better, less stressful way of doing business – and still find success!

WESOS is just that. But it has become so much more in the last few years! What has grown organically through the group is that women are gaining skills, confidence and lasting relationships. These women are then compelled to turn around and help the next women in line. No matter where you are at in your business, there is always the potential to go to the next level, to help the next person, and give back to the world all the beautiful gifts that you have been given.

What drives me the most, and what keeps me focused on a group of women supporting women, is a need for a nurturing environment for women to grow and flourish. “The western women will save the world” is the quote from the Dalai Lama that keeps us on track at WESOS.

Collaboration is the only way that women will ever break through that glass ceiling. By seeing each other strengths, beauty and compassion, we can change the world. We are so glad you are here and see the vision as we do.


Jean LaVallie

WESOS womens networking founder Jean LaVallie