We are women from every walk of life, every ethnicity, age, race, sexual identity, religion or political affiliation. What bonds us together is our entrepreneurial spirit and our commitment to supporting other women through collaboration instead of competition.

“What’s a WESOS?”

That is a question we hear all the time from new prospective Sisters who join us at their first Chapter Meeting. They probably ask it when they are invited to join us by another Sister who wants to spread our message to friends, family and business collaborators.

Women Entrepreneurs Secrets of Success Members

It’s obviously an acronym for Women Entrepreneurs Secrets of Success…but it has come to mean so much more to those of the women who walk through the doors of a Chapter Meeting.

WESOS approaches networking from a collaborative perspective. Most of the time, network groups segregate their members into Chapters based on their business sector. Only one financial professional, only one direct sales professional, etc. Our vision of networking is different because women do business differently.

We brainstorm, partner and collaborate. If you’ve ever seen a woman put together a potluck dinner in under 10 minutes – Who’s bringing dessert? Who has the salad? – you know that we work best when our true nature for working together is given the honor it deserves. Everyone has unique strengths and talents. We believe that we all become more successful and more profitable by working and learning together! At WESOS, we encourage you to find the right fit; the Chapter that feels like home. Come to every meeting we have, or just when it fits your schedule or is a convenient location.

We are a thriving group of women entrepreneurs who are committed to cultivating authentic relationships while providing ongoing mutual support and resources for growing our businesses.

A WESOS member

Many of the women who join us for the first time have never been involved in networking for their business or are just starting down their paths to success. That can be an intimidating feeling! To walk into a WESOS Chapter Meeting is different. You’re greeted by an Ambassador Sister who is there to make sure you meet other women entrepreneurs just like you in a warm and open setting. You’ll be welcomed like family by Sisters who are eager to help you flourish and grow.

Now…about the “Sister” thing. You’ve seen me use that a few times on this page and you may be thinking it sounds just about as odd as WESOS did to you a few minutes ago. We call our fellow WESOS members Sisters for a very simple reason. We value the authentic relationships built among us as highly as any business gain we may have. We celebrate each others triumphs and come together in times of tragedy. We support each other, cheer for each other and hold each other to standards of excellence that help our lives grow, not just our businesses.

The WESOS Intention

Intention (noun): defined as an act of determining mentally upon some action or result, the end intended; the purpose…

The WESOS Intention is the thing that defines our purpose. It is the guiding force behind all that we do, the programs that we design, the way we work, and how we encourage our Sisters to connect.

We prize true and lasting relationships that go far beyond the normal networking that ends up sounding more like “What have you done for me lately?” instead of our version that says ” What can we do together?”. We value the relationship, not just the transaction.

The real power of WESOS comes from treasuring the relationships that you can build with us. We believe that One-On-One connections always go further than a simple Chapter Meeting. So at our events, education seminars and Chapter meetings, you’ll always be encouraged to focus your attention on the intention of everything we do.

It’s where everything begins for WESOS.

WESOS Sisters